Saturday Morning Workshop in NYC

As are all Lina Koutrakos's performance workshops- this is designed to help you find, bring out and cultivate your own uniqueness. Your authentic self on stage as there is nothing more powerful in a soloist! This is taught with Rick Jensen at the piano.

  • This is an ongoing workshop for Advanced Singers/Performers to work on their own individual musical "agendas". It is not a set format to which you must adhere to. We meet YOUR needs.

  • This workshop currently takes place at Don't Tell Mama on Saturday mornings. There is an audition process to participate in this workshop and is limited to 10 singers per semester. Contact us for info and to audition and audit.

  • With 3 separate semesters. You may sign up for one semester at a time. You are only committed (both personally and financially) to one at a time and are under no obligation to continue after that. The first one goes from September to December. The second  from January to March. And the last from  March to June. There is no class in the summer.

  • It is $70 per session, to be paid per workshop, once a full semesters commitment has been made. You are financially responsible for all missed classes.

This workshop was started in 1992 by Lina Koutrakos and Dick Gallagher and was taught at the cabaret club Eighty Eights in Greenwich Village in NYC. The piano bench was taken over by Rick Jensen a few years after its inception and is now currently taught every Saturday morning at the night club Don't Tell Mama from 10a.m until 1 p.m. 

It originally started as a 10 week workshop where we taught singers how to put together shows by crafting "mini" shows (4-5 songs) and presented them at the end of the 10 weeks of workshoping. But Lina discovered quickly that the more advanced her own career became here, the more she wanted to share what she herself was learning with other singers, so her clientele became singers who were already well on their way and the Saturday Morning Workshop morphed into one for Advanced Performers.

What is an Advanced Performer?

First of all, it is someone who is already a singer. This is not a vocal workshop, it is a performance workshop. It must be an advanced "person". So if you have sung in your past and put it down for years, come from a musical theater background, a wedding band singer, if you are classically trained, or sung before you raised your kids and got a "real job" and want to express yourself musical with your own "authentic voice" you are "Advanced" . If you can just about carry a tune and have always wanted to come out of the shower and into the spotlight just to see how fun it would be...I can recommend you to the right teacher and workshop, but this is not for you. Its ALWAYS worth contacting me for!

What will you get from the Saturday Morning Workshop?

You tell us what you need. As is any teaching experience..your teacher(s) are only 50 % of the opportunity, you are the other %50:

Some of the benefits of a workshop situation

It is cheaper then paying both a director and a musical director individually before its time. If you are putting together your show, you can begin this process in class, if youre show is already on its feet, you can work on the performance of and connection to your songs in class, if you are picking songs for yourself, you can do that in front of a built in audience in the class, if you are working on the spoken word that you are putting in between your songs you can do that in class.

The built in audience

of others in the class is priceless. The more advanced you are the more priceless this tool becomes. To hear about your weaknesses and your strengths on stage is great, but to watch other people do what you might be doing on both sides of the coin is priceless. Its more beneficial to a degree then seeing yourself on tape, as it is the opposite of working in a vacuum.

(Each semesters run between 10-14 weeks. Sept-Dec and Jan-May)