M I D   W E S T   C A B A R E T   C O N F E R E N C E

 in Chicago

A 3 and half day INTENSIVE performance workshop for singers from all over to gather and dig in to the craft of singing solo in the spotlight.

Having taught these intensives in many cities for the last 10 years something about Chicago took hold as our Midwestern "hub". Its a thriving city with a wonderful and strong cabaret community and nightclubs who generously held hands with Performance Connection and officially started what will now be the

5th ANNUAL MIDWEST CABARET CONFERENCE in the summer of 2015.

Usually at the end of June beginning of July. We take no more then 20 singers, have 2 musical directors and 2 Master teachers (Lina Koutrakos and a guest teacher-Tony nominated singer/teacher Sally Mayes, Songwriter- The Rose- Diva Amanda McBroom) and end this intensive work with a Sunday evening performance at Davenports in Chicago.

Teaching with the goal of bringing out everyones own individual style can not be accomplished as well with too many teachers no matter how good they are, so Koutrakos keeps her workshops as pointed and her faculty as small as need be to get the singers as much real stage time and real personalized one on one attention as we can while keeping it an affordable experience.

We keep it affordable so you can come back whenever you need to "up your game", "hone your craft" or just get a creative injection that will take you to your next level. 
You come to us where you are and we will without a doubt take you to your next step -up!



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